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Semester Exam System Erd Essay Example

Semester Exam System Erd Essay Example Semester Exam System Erd Essay Semester Exam System Erd Essay Semester Examination System DBMS Lab Assignment Group III Srimanta Singh (004) Samik Saha (015) Prasenjit Gayen (016) third yr. first sem. , Department of Computer Sc. Engg. Jadavpur University ASSUMPTIONS Data prerequisites: ? The significant qualities of the semester assessment framework are†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. The college has numerous divisions which are distinguished fundamentally by the department_id. Likewise the offices have a specific area (grounds). ? Every division has educators. Every instructor is doled out to show a specific subject. He likewise needs to make question paper and assess the appropriate response content. WE have expected that an instructor can take classes in various office however he will have a place with a specific office. ? A specific office may offer hardly any courses. At least one subjects might be same for various courses just as offices. Same subject (name) in two courses or office is independently distinguished by the relating subject_id. ? Subject_id for a course of an office is one of a kind. ? An understudy must enroll to show up in the test. An enlisted understudy is considered as test applicant. ? Test can be of two kinds â€regular and valuable. If there should arise an occurrence of beneficial an up-and-comer might not need to show up in all the subjects appointed to a specific semester. ? The test controller segment is the head of this entire assessment framework. Substance SETS USED IN E-R DIAGRAM For building a reasonable composition of this information base, the element sets and the related properties are given underneath (as our particular of the E-R diagram)†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. Substance SETS 1. Understudy 2. Division 3. Educator 4. Subject 5. Test ASSOCIATED ATTRIBUTES Name, Roll No, Reg. No, Contact No Department_id, Name, Location Teacher_id, Name, Contact No, Status Name, Subject_id ,Course, Dept Exam_id, Roll No, Sub_id, Exam roll no. 6. Test Candidate Semester, Year, Exam_id, Sub_id 7. Result 8. Routine Roll no, Exam_id, Sub_id, Grade, Date_of_publish Date, Time, Room No, Exam_id ? Understudy: Student joins up with a course in a specific division, every understudy has a roll no by which they are distinguished interestingly, and every understudy additionally has an enrollment number. Every understudy needs to select to show up in the assessment as an up-and-comer. An understudy likewise have additionally have contact number and address. ? Office: University has such a large number of offices. Every division has a remarkable department_id, name. The offices have their separate area and contact number. ? Instructor Each division has numerous educators. Every educator has their relating teacher_id, contact no. , name and status. Every educator is exceptionally distinguished by the property teacher_id. Contact no. of the instructors may have numerous qualities. ? Subject: Each office offers numerous courses and each course comprises of subjects. Here each subject have subject name, subject_id. The subjects are extraordinarily distinguished by their relating subject_id. Same subject can be instructed in a few offices yet all things considered the subject_id will be extraordinary. ? Test : The entire semester assessment framework is sorted out in scarcely any tests. These tests are recognized by the exam_id, semester and year in which the test is taken. Test might be of two kinds †customary and advantageous. Exam_id is the essential key of this substance. All characteristics are nuclear. ? Test Candidate : Each understudy needs to enlist his name for the assessment. After enrollment for the test he accomplishes the candidature for that specific test. An up-and-comer is particularly recognized by his test roll no. It contains up-and-comer name, roll no. , sub_id and exam_id. ? Result : Each test must have their comparing results. Result is likewise connected with the understudies. In this manner the aftereffect of an understudy of a specific semester is distinguished utilizing roll no, subject_id, exam_id. It likewise contains evaluation and date of distribution of the outcome as properties ? Routine : Each test has a relating routine which comprises of date, time, room no. also, exam_id. RELATIONSHIP SETS FOR DATA BASE In our E-R chart determined relationship sets and mapping cardinalities are depicted beneath: ? Has This is the 1-to-numerous double relationship set among division and understudy element sets. Also, the cooperation of the frail substance set. We additionally have a balanced paired has connection between the test and the test results. ? Has a place with This is the 1-to-numerous double connection transport set among DEPARTMENT and TEACHER sets. Since for a specific division there are numerous instructor yet for an educator just 1 office is fixed. What's more, the investment of the instructor substance sets in this connection transport sets is incomplete. ? Trains This is the many-to-numerous twofold relationship sets among instructor and subjects. Enlists This is the balanced paired relationship sets among Student and Exam Candidate. Part properties are: date, month, and year. ? Sits for This is a many-to-numerous paired relationship sets between the Exam Candidate and the Examination. ? Planned This is the relationship that holds between the assessment and the test schedule. ? Holds This is a many-to-numerous paired relationship set between the office and the assessment. ? ISA This is a relationship set that holds between the test and the two class of test normal and strengthening. Of This connection holds between the test and subjects just as the subject and results. ? Gets This is the relationship sets between Exam Candidate and the Results. name dept. no. name has a place with office contact no. instructor educator id has of sub-id name roll no. understudy regd. no. contact no. dept. no. (fk) assigne d to instructs sem year test id test sub-id (fk) ISA of subject name enlists booked routine time room no date test id (fk) Sub-id customary sits for beneficial of has test id (fk) selected gets sub-id sub-id grade roll no. (fk) test id (fk) roll no. results Date distributed

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Personal Struggle Depression free essay sample

I truly wish I hadn’t surrendered to what my mother stated, possibly I didn’t know what her identity was and why she said that, however it hurt. I strolled down the steps from my old house in Bainbridge Island. I strolled each progression carelessly and descended into the foyer and saw my mother perusing something in the kitchen. She let me know, â€Å"Be bright† once more. I needed to ask her what she implied by that. I pondered internally, I am brilliant. I needed shout and reveal to her I was splendid, and that I didn’t comprehend why she said that. I needed to inquire as to whether I could ever be sufficient to her. I thought she realized me better than any other individual on the planet since she was my mother, yet I wasn't right. I knew where it counts that I was brilliant yet then the questions began to emerge. I began to question what being brilliant implied, and I begun to think imagine a scenario in which I’m doing everything incorrectly. Is there a major issue with me? This was a limit for me. This didn’t transpire once, however ordinarily. I truly began to scrutinize wow. Shockingly, I chose to surrender to what she stated, perhaps she was directly all things considered, possibly I’m not splendid? I chose to completely change me so it would accommodate her desires. I chose to do everything another way from what I comprehended as being brilliant. I discovered that words can hurt, that there is such an incredible concept as sorrow, that occasionally you need to remain solitary, and that there is consistently time to begin doing things right once more. I realize discouragement is genuine and that it’s essential to continue attempting. I never entirely comprehended my mother and consistently battled to dazzle her. It’s difficult to chat with my mother. At the point when I plunk down and attempt to have a typical discussion with her it doesn’t work out. I will discuss how my day went and now and again I feel like she’s present however not so much there for me. Likewise on the off chance that I had a battle with her, I wouldn’t express my actual emotions since I feared getting injured. On the off chance that I state something that she doesn’t like, she will drive me to state I am off-base. So I generally wound up feeling useless and weak. I generally felt a pressure between my mother and I. Each time I attempt to intrigue her by methods for getting passing marks, rehearsing piano or violin, and so on. She wouldn’t appear that fulfilled. When I would ask her for what good reason she doesn’t appear to be so energized for me, she would state â€Å"why do I need to? Do yo u need me to sing your name or something each time you accomplish something good?† I would then answer, â€Å"No that’s not what I mean, I simply need you to state something beyond great job.† And then she will react, â€Å" Okay great job, Awesome, fantastic!†, yet it wasn’t from her heart. It harms that each time I attempt to converse with her it generally winds up this way. I wish she could be there for me sincerely yet I feel like she isn’t really there. I wish she realized that being a mother isn’t simply giving food, garments, and things like this, yet giving inwardly. I long for a relationship where I can converse with my mother with no concerns and that she would truly be there for me. It’s consistently been a battle to comprehend my mother and I gave a valiant effort to satisfy her and get her. Yet, did she do that for me? I settled on the most noticeably awful choice in my life believing that there would be a simple out, I chose to do everything any other way from what I thought was in effect brilliant. I needed to make sense of for myself if there was a major issue with me, if what I thought was as a rule splendid wasn't right. I left entryway onto the doorsteps of my old house in Bainbridge Island, as my family was going to leave, I settled on a quiet choice to myself to do everything inverse of what I thought was in effect splendid. I realized that this wasn’t right yet I was happy to give my entire vitality and soul into this unexamined life, since imagine a scenario in which I wasn't right all things considered. Junior year start as the standard thing, new school, making new companions, changing in accordance with your classes and educators, etc. With the exception of there was something other than what's expected about me. From the start I was making some acceptable memories, disregarding my sentiments and simply being cheerful. In any case, at that point I got separated to my emotions and my companions. I decided to take a gander at the world uniquely in contrast to I did previously. I decided not to be chipper any longer yet dismal. I decided not to be sure yet timid. I recall in English class, I constrained myself to feel modest, which gagged the words that were coming out of my mouth when I addressed somebody. I constrained myself to imagine I didn’t realize how to grin, I got ungainly. Be that as it may, I still didn’t let go of changing in light of the fact that it felt so new, I didn’t comprehend what was coming. I likewise hurt a companion en route, she was a global understudy from Japan, she talked great English. She was so overall quite amusing to be near. Be that as it may, our kinship didn’t keep going long in light of the fact that one day I denounced her that she didn’t need to spend time with me, after she disclosed to me that she needed to go to the library for a crisis. I contemplated internally what's going on with I? Be that as it may, I despite everything obliged it since I needed to see the result of doing something contrary to what I thought was by and large brilliant. I attempted to be companions with her a short time later, yet it was hard. She didn’t get me and by then I was enduring intellectually and inwardly. I pondered internally, what did I do? What have I become? I was turning out to be increasingly similar to my mother each day. The day in the wake of acknowledging what I did to myself, I felt lost and I didn’t realize how to deal with it. I had a feeling that I didn’t recognize what it resembled to be cheerful, or how to be upbeat. I had a feeling that I was available however not so much there. I felt like had every one of these feelings without a moment's delay and in the event that I let those feelings out it would make me breakdown into a ball. I was truly lost. I battled to make it out alive for the duration of the day, I wasn’t living it. I battled to keep a grin all over, words just came out as words, and would i say i was assume to feel after I said something? The normal feelings that came to me thoughtlessly were presently strange to me . What's more, I wasn’t very sure how to deliver these feelings either. I never truly considered how I ought to react to something yet now I did. I felt coldhearted. Life was dull and aimless. I felt as if this dark cloud tailed me whereve r I went, and rest was the main departure. Afterward, my mother revealed to me that I expected to see a specialist since she was tired of managing me, so was I. The specialist disclosed to me I had a significant burdensome issue. I was glad to be analyzed, however would i say i was ever going to escape this mistreatment? My mother revealed to me that she didn’t comprehend why I got discouraged despite the fact that I had a go at disclosing it to her, and she advised me not to censure her for any of it. She didn’t even feel frustrated about saying those destructive words to me. I had nobody to go to after that. I felt alone and miserable. I despite everything attempted to show signs of improvement. I did all that I could to show signs of improvement. I disclosed to myself that everything would have been fine at long last. I attempted my earnest attempts to live. I took a stab at making companions once more, not dozing so a lot, attempting to be upbeat, and doing things right once more. In spite of the fact that the impacts of wretchedness never left, I reminded myself at any rate I was going the correct heading. What's more, there were commonly when I needed to surrender, abandon life and everything else. I would have significant soften down minutes in my room. Did my mother know my agony? Still however there was something within me needing to continue going, and I did. There will be days where you simply need to surrender, however recall that life shows signs of improvement. I recollect the day when I had a feeling that I could inhale once more, it was extraordinary. I despite everything battle with sadness however I generally continue attempting. At times in life there will be individuals who bring you down, however don’t let that in, and on the off chance that you do there is a path back. I will never come to comprehend my mother or her aims of saying that to me, however I know some time or another I won’t care after all why she said that. In the event that individuals hurt you, don’t let that characterize you. Possibly sadness won’t show signs of improvement, however I can in any event start the long excursion ahead to joy.

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Global Trends and my Career Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Worldwide Trends and my Career - Essay Example The obligation of ensuring the dirt of the nation just as the prosperity of the residents lies on the shoulders of the military and henceforth this will call for additional duties to be conveyed by the authorities of the military and other concerned organizations. I am seeking after my vocation as a government representative in the organization branch of the military. Henceforth these worldwide patterns for the following decade, which will influence the world and the United States, will likewise serve to affect my vocation. The military is by and large more innovatively progressed in order to meet the prerequisites of the quick paced world. This serves to be of help yet assaults on the mechanical frameworks can extraordinarily change the working limit and potential. As a piece of the organization, we should move in the direction of contributing more on redesigning our innovative framework. Appropriate arranging will be required for usage of these projects too. The incorporation of the various divisions that lie in the military will be finished. Thinking about these variables, I should have an appropriate preparing program as to innovation and my staff should be prepared also. The military individuals will likewise require preparing with the goal that the entire framework works successfully towards giving a superior yield. As an individual from the organization, more obligations will lie on us to shield the mechanical frameworks from the potential dangers that may prompt change and upset the typical work ing and exercises of the military overall. Henceforth, I should accomplish a superior degree of comprehension concerning the new innovation and remain as a decent executive to be of help at all levels. This shows my profession will be situated towards accomplishing more ability and information. The American battle against psychological warfare will continue as per the worldwide patterns and consequently it will bring about America being an objective by these fear mongers. The foundation of the nation just as the life of its

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Leading Innovation At Kelvingrove (A), Case Study Essay...

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, Scotland; a Victorian era museum established in 1901 to express the pride, wealth, and cultural ambitions of the industrial city of Kelvingrove, was in need of change in the late 1980’s to be more relevant to modern audiences. Starting in 1990, when Mark O’Neil joined the Kelvingore Museum, Mark was tasked with bringing innovation to the entire museum by the then director Julian Spalding. After an initial start by O’Neil into implementing some of Spalding’s radical innovative ideas, O’Neil was side tracked into a separate project at the St. Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art. The St. Mungo’s work provided some insight and allowed experimentation with some of the innovative ideas†¦show more content†¦After closing for three years from 2003 to 2006 for the renovations to the building and to fully implement the storytelling approach Kelvingrove Museum has become the most pop ular touristy destination even surpassing Edinburgh Castle. What makes something innovative? In the context of the Kelvingrove Museum innovation the innovations employed took the traditional course of innovations similar to the typewriter, â€Å"how an innovation often draws from existing technologies and models for its application but uses these elements creatively in combination with new ones to form a uniquely different product.† (Utterback, 1996, p. 2) O’Neil used this concept at his first museum at Springburn rather than doing the history of locomotive building, for example, the staff created an exhibition on the history of work. â€Å"It covered all the important history, but it came right up to date and engaged with unemployment and training and what work meant where so many were unemployed,† (Liedtka Salzman, 2009, p. 4) O’Neil and his staff at Springburn did not throw out the traditional museum model of locomotive building history but used in packaging together with the current issues of unemployment in the community for a more differe nt but richer museum experience that is relevant to today. Using the experience from Springburn O’Neil then continued this similar innovative process at Kelvingrove Museum where he applied Spalding’s desire of using

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Crohn Disease Patient Care for Pethidine -

Question: Discuss about theCrohn Disease Patient Care for Pethidine. Answer: Priority Nursing Responsibilities and associated rationales related to the administration of pethidine to Harry. Pethidine (meperidine hydrochloride) is an opioid agonist analgesic. It acts as an agonist at specific receptors in the CNS to produce analgesia, euphoria and sedation. Its therefore used as preoperative medication, support of anesthesia and obstetric analgesia. Nurses have the responsibility to watch the use of other medications when pethidine has been administered, this include medications (depressants) that affect the central nervous system i.e. anxiolytics, hypnotics antidepressants, alcohol, general anesthetics and other analgesics. They should also note respiratory rate, depth, and rhythm and size of pupils in Harry (Lewis et al., 2015). If respirations are 12/min or below and pupils are constricted or dilated or breathing is shallow, or if signs of CNS hyperactivity are present, the physician shold be informed; Monitor vital signs closely. Heart rate may increase markedly, and hypotension may occur. Meperidine may cause severe hypotension in postoperative patients and those wi th depleted blood volume; Chart patient's response to drug and evaluate continued need.the nurses shold be aware of other effects as follows.CNS: Light-headedness, dizziness, sedation, euphoria, dysphoria, delirium, insomnia, agitation, anxiety, fear, hallucinations, disorientation, drowsiness, lethargy, impaired mental and physical performance, coma, mood changes, weakness, headache, tremor, seizures, miosis, visual disturbances, suppression of cough reflex. CV: Facial flushing, peripheral circulatory collapse, tachycardia, bradycardia, arrhythmia, palpitations, chest wall rigidity, hypertension, hypotension, orthostatic hypotension, syncope. Dermatologic: Pruritus, urticaria, laryngospasm, bronchospasm, edema. GI: Nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, anorexia, constipation, biliary tract spasm, increased colonic motility in patients with chronic ulcerative colitis.GU: Ureteral spasm, spasm of vesical sphincters, urine retention or hesitancy, oliguria, antidiuretic effect, reduced libido o r potency.Local: Tissue irritation and induration (subcutaneous injection).Major hazards: Respiratory depression, apnea, circulatory depression, respiratory arrest, shock, cardiac arrest. Other: Sweating, physical tolerance and dependence, psychological dependence (Bright et al., 2003). Describtion of the structural and functional changes that occur in the pathogenesis of Crohns disease that led to Harrys weight loss and the development of the stricture and fistula in Harrys ileum. Crohns disease can have several patterns of involvement: jejunoileitis, ileitis, ileocolitis and colitis. Each subtype has a distinct clinical presentation and typical course. Patients with inflammation of the jejunum and ileum often present with cramping abdominal pain after meals and eventually develop diarrhea. These patients, many of whom are teenagers or young adults, may have prominent extraintestinal manifestations including arthritis, fever, skin lesions, and delayed growth. Ileitis causes discomfort 12 hours after meals. Patients lose weight because they eat less to avoid discomfort, thus Harrys weight loss (Karamanakos et al., 2008). The inflammation in the ileum can extend transmurally into adjacent structures as tracks or fistulae, or can cause perforation of abscesses adjacent to the bowel. This form of Crohns disease is known as fistulizing or perforating. It has the worst prognosis of all the forms and often requires surgical resection after three or four years. Other patients with ileitis develop intestinal obstruction 810 years after the onset of disease because muscle hypertrophy and fibrosis narrow the lumen of the bowel. This form of Crohns disease is known as stricturing or stenosing. This explains the presence of stricture and fistula in Harrys ileum (Cosnes et al., 2013). Crohns disease in the colon causes diarrhea and may be difficult to distinguish from ulcerative colitis. Characteristics of the intravenous fluid that was ordered for Harry, and the rationale, related to Harrys specific fluid balance status, for the administration of this intravenous fluid to Harry. In vitro measurements of the net transport and simultaneous bidirectional flux rates of water and electrolytes across the human colonic epithelium demonstrates that in CD there is a reversal of Na+ and water flux, and K+ secretion was increased (Barkas et al., 2013).Notable seasonal variations in vitamin D status and bone turnover markers have been reported in CD patients. Specifically, the 25-hydroxyvitamin D becomes significantly lower (up to 65%) in CD patients compared to healthy people, potentially due to reduced intestinal absorption, disturbed enterohepatic circulation and reduced nutrient intake of vitamin D. Infliximab is an intravenous fluid used in tretment of Corhons disase.It works by targeting a protein called tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), which is believed to be responsible for the inflammation associated with Crohn's disease. Infliximab can be used for children over six years old and adults.Infliximab is given as a drip into a vein in your arm (known as an infusion). Treatment with tumor necrosis factor (TNF)- antibodies is very successful as it helps in downregulating the inflammatory process (Sands et al., 2004). References Barkas, F., Liberopoulos, E., Kei, A., Elisaf, M. (2013). Electrolyte and acid-base disorders in inflammatory bowel disease. Annals of Gastroenterology: Quarterly Publication of the Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology, 26(1), 23. Bright, E., Roseveare, C., Dalgleish, D., Kimble, J., Elliott, J., Shepherd, H. (2003). Patient-controlled sedation for colonoscopy: a randomized trial comparing patient-controlled administration of propofol and alfentanil with physician-administered midazolam and pethidine. Endoscopy, 35(08), 683-687. Cosnes, J., GowerRousseau, C., Seksik, P., Cortot, A. (2011). Epidemiology and natural history of inflammatory bowel diseases. Gastroenterology, 140(6), 1785-1794. Karamanakos, S. N., Vagenas, K., Kalfarentzos, F., Alexandrides, T. K. (2008). Weight loss, appetite suppression, and changes in fasting and postprandial ghrelin and peptide-YY levels after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy: a prospective, double blind study. Annals of surgery, 247(3), 401-407. Lewis, S. L., Maltas, J., Dirksen, S. R., Bucher, L. (2015). Study guide for medical-surgical nursing: Assessment and management of clinical problems. Elsevier Health Sciences. Sands, B. E., Anderson, F. H., Bernstein, C. N., Chey, W. Y., Feagan, B. G., Fedorak, R. N., ... Rachmilewitz, D. (2004). Infliximab maintenance therapy for fistulizing Crohn's disease. New England Journal of Medicine, 350(9), 876-885.

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The Indolence of Filipinos Essay Example

The Indolence of Filipinos Essay When we talk about indolence it’s being about the laziness of Filipinos. We all know that many Filipinos are now indolence here in our society. But most of them are hardworking persons. And in my opinion I do not think that Filipinos are lazy because we are hardworking and independent group of people. And some of us are working in abroad just to raise our family in poverty especially to provide the basic needs of family the clothing, shelter and food.And because of that many Filipinos who strived hard just to give their children a decent life and proper education. But there are some who are indolence to reach their goal and lack of self-determination. With this, many Filipinos who are lazy to simply follow the rules and regulations in our society. Like the proper disposal of garbage and the traffic laws. This means that, by this simple instructions we tend to be independent, in other words lazy. Filipinos are sometimes tend to be lazy because of the low economy of our country. They are lazy finding solutions to their problems. That’s why many of us were influenced to do negative actions such as kidnapping, drug addiction, teenage pregnancy and not pursuing education trying to fit in and becoming part of a circle, not standing with the negative influences is truly the miserable thing that a Filipino with encounter. However, the thing that I must be proud of being a Filipino is that being hospitable to the other people and also they work hard under the heat of the sun like the farmers. Without them we are nothing because we don’t have nothing to eat.Also to the Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW they endure to leave their family and suffer the consequences to the other country. Even though there are others who are molested by their employee because to them we are just nothing, nothing but a low educated person. There are some who stand strong and not affected of what the foreigners treated the Filipinos. They have the strong determination that wi thout the Filipinos they are nothing, they only depend on us because we’re hardworking and most of them don’t know how to facilitate their own living. That’s why I’m proud to be a Filipino.

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White Privilege Essays

White Privilege Essays White Privilege Essay White Privilege Essay Data Analysis Investigation Introduction Research Question: Do individuals in the Midwest experience the affects of white privilege? During this investigation I seek to explore the differences in privilege that males and females, of different race and ethnic backgrounds, experiences in their daily lives. My fellow Sociology of Race and Ethics classmates and I will conduct Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege survey, in hopes to find any differences in privilege felt by individuals of varying age, gender, race or class membership. My hypothesis is: According to Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege survey, she suggests that white people are privileged with what she describes as â€Å"an invisible package of unearned assets, which I (Peggy McIntosh) can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was ‘meant’ to remain oblivious. White privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions maps, passports, code books, visas, clothes, tools, and blank checks† (McIntosh, 1988). I suggest that with the changing of times, and ever growing equality that this distinct idea of white privilege is no longer prevalent. I believe that, McIntosh’s view of white privilege is no longer applicable in today’s Midwestern society and culture. I hypothesize that age will have more of an effect on responses to the survey than that of gender or race. I predict that younger people (below 20) are at a greater risk of feeling â€Å"underprivileged†. For my second hypothesis, I suggest that overall people in the Midwest feel privileged versus not. I believe this because I feel that the social stratification in the US, especially in the Midwest, has declined creating a more equal environment for all. Data Collection I will receive my data though the use of Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege survey. First I will take the survey, while recording my answers, and then give the survey to ten other individuals, recording their answers in the same format. My fellow classmates will do the same, then all of the information will be then collected and charted accordingly into cross-tabulation tables. Each survey participant will be asked to rate their responses on a 1-4 scale: 1 = Strongly Agree, 2 = Agree, 3 = Disagree and 4= Strongly Disagree. The date responses can than be interpreted as answers of Strongly Agree, and Agree indicating a greater response of â€Å"privilege† – which McIntosh believes suggests members in a majority group. The data will then be organized into cross-tabulation tables. Each table will contain only two variables – one independent variable (gender, age, race, member of the class or not) and one dependent variable (each statement from the survey). After collecting the data a few changes were made: age was recoded into groups of ages, while also recoding all responses of ‘Disagree’ and ‘Strongly Disagree’ into one value for each variable, both to make analysis easier. Race was also recoded into ‘White’ and ‘All Other Races’ to expedite analysis. Also the ethnicity variable responses were found to be unreliable, so that variable was removed before running the data. When reading a cross-tabulation table it is important to remember that in order to interpret the data response, you must look for the differences in the percentages of responses not in the difference in the number of responses. Also, the needed information is, if the independent variable (gender, age, race or class membership) seems to make a difference in how a person responds to the dependent variable (the questions). After all the data has been gathered and charted, I will then compare the findings to my hypothesis. In order to discover whether my hypothesis is true or false I will evaluate the cross tables of age, gender, race and class completed from the collected data. Exploring the Data Younger ages (less than 20) have a larger affect than old age in feeling â€Å"underprivileged†. After analyzing the data, I believe my hypothesis that the ages 18-19 feel underprivileged as compared to the older ages, was correct. This is represented in the findings, that of the en questions surveyed, exactly one half the questions (five of ten) the age group 18-19 had the highest disagreement percentage compared to the other age groups. No other age group had close to the equivalent outcomes, the closest age group being groups 24-34 and 45-50 both with two. The findings show that in one half of all situations this age group is presented with, they feel as though they are underprivileged as compared t o other age groups, but by examining just the 18-19 age group or age as a whole, the majority feel as though the ‘Agree’ they are privileged. This finding is universal through all independent variables. While comparing all independent variables, of the 10 survey scenarios no matter what the independent variable is 70% of the time the participants feel they ‘Agree’ to being privileged. Exploring Data – Midwesterners overall feel â€Å"privileged† versus â€Å"underprivileged† no matter the independent factor. After analyzing the cross-tabulations, I feel as though my hypothesis about the Midwestern society is spot on. The data show’s that across any independent factor (age, gender, race and lass membership) a large majority of the participants surveyed feel as though they ‘Agree’ to being privileged. This is an overwhelming statistic that is constant throughout all independent variables; of the ten surveyed scenarios people agree 70% of the time to feeling privileged. In only, one scenario do people as a whole feel as though they are underprivileged. Overall Analysis and Personal Findings I found the collective results very interesting, especially in the age category. I thought it was interesting that older adults feel less privileged more than or equal to that of middle aged adults. I had assumed, that in our society much like that of the Native American societies that respect and privilege comes with age. I found the data surprising that the age group that tended to feel most privileged was ages 20-21. In four of the ten scenarios, the 20-21 year olds surveyed felt the most privileged or ‘Strongly Agreed’ to the situation as compared to all other age groups. I did not expect this, as the previous age group had felt the most nderprivileged in half of the scenarios, and in only an addition 1-2 years, the surveyed participant went from feeling the most underprivileged to the most privileged. I had guessed that the feeling of privilege would gradually increase with age groups, leaving the oldest age group (50 and older) with the highest feeling of privilege. I thought this, not only because society often deems wisdom with age, but also because the older participants surveyed may have grown up in a more dominant white privilege society, and those same feelings and thought processes would still be relevant to the way they feel they fit in society. All in all, I found very interesting facts from the data collected in every category. Things that I had thought would hold true, often did not. Such as, when considering the independent variable of gender, I assumed that women would primarily feel as though they were underprivileged as compared to men, but the data shows other wise. From this survey, men felt more underprivileged as compared to their female counterparts 100% of the time. Another fact that I found shocking was that when considering race as the independent variable. My hypothesis that white privilege was no long prevalent in the Midwest was incorrect. Participants of the ‘Other’ race felt underprivileged in half of the scenarios, and the other half they only ‘Agreed’ to feeling privileged. As compared to their ‘White’ counterparts, feeling privileged 100% of the time. I do believe that in the Midwest, things are moving close to equality as this is seen in at least half or more of the situations both the ‘White’ and ‘Other’ race group feel as though they ‘Agree’ to being privileged. No one group stands out as ‘Strongly Agreeing’ to be privileged for the majority. This tells us, that although there are still instances of white privilege, the Midwestern society is moving away from that and more towards social equality. : McIntosh, Peggy. Daily effects of white privilege. White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, 1988. Tues. 19 Feb 2013. .